Welcome. If you want to know what this blog is about click here for my introductory post.

Here’s some stuff about me, since you haven’t left:

my name is Ivan Zhang, I am an adult of an age I will not disclose (not because I want to keep privacy, but because I’m too lazy to have to update every time I get older)

I wouldn’t say I have too many writing inspirations, I kind of just write whatever I feel write, which is a conglomeration of the styles that I’ve read over the years. I would, however, say that I’m willing to (and probably will) try anything and everything.

I study at Johns Hopkins. But not in English, because though I like to write, I hate reading (sorry, every teacher I’ve ever had and will ever have).

Everything else you could possibly want to know about me could be inferred by reading what I write.

So what are you waiting for?? Click that “follow” button!


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